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The incessant rains last few weeks made birding almost non-existent.

After yesterday’s downpour, I was set for a slow, lazy, gloomy, don’t-talk-to-me-today mode.

After lunch, for a good 10 minutes, I heard distress calls from Common Tailor-birds right outside my office window. Stepped out to the balcony to check what the fuss is all about. Found two juveniles and their parents.

Through the thick foliage, managed to get a feeding shot too.

But, I was still wondering why so much ruckus. Because the distress calls were only getting louder. No cats were around. So, there was only one other distinct possibility.

This Rat snake was moving from one branch to another to get to the juveniles while the parents made every attempt possible to thwart it.

The parents were relentless. At one point, it seemed like it was even seeking my help.

They managed to ensure the snake had to figure out plan B for its lunch.

Bird – 1. Snake – 0 for now. Glad to have captured some part of this game.

For an earlier game with the opposite result, check this post.

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  • Vanaja Kumar says:

    Very interesting.obsolutely got into the adventurous inquisitive mood you must have been in when you took the pictures and wrote the blog. So nice of you to keep the tempo going steady even now when your time is less compared to that of lockdown. Keep it up!

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