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Looks like nesting season is thriving. One way to know that is to look at the palm trees around. Got out after a long time since the sun was out. Focussed on just two species today – Woodpeckers and Baya Weavers.

Here are two images for comparison. The first one is of two different species altogether. White-naped Woodpecker and Black-rumped Flameback. The second one is of the male and female white-naped.

And, here’s what happens if you don’t pay rent on time. Looked like the White-naped was throwing out the Flameback.

The Bayas, on the other hand, are busy building nests and looking for a partner.

Here’s a female inspecting the independent villa with the male desperately waiting for approval. If she rejects, he abandons all the hard-work put into this nest.

Interestingly, the White-rumped Munias ensure some of the abandoned nests don’t go to waste. The resale value must be decent.

Bonus pic. Looks like a juvenile Green Bee-eater.

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