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I just had to have a follow-up to A day after April showers. I don’t know what it is, it’s either the beautiful light or the sheer amount of activity of our winged buds, the morning after the rains has something to it.

First up, it’s the Baya Weavers. One male was building the nest while two females came to assess the work. There was another jealous male trying to sabotage this whole routine.

Next, I got some really nice eye-level shots of the juvenile Brahminy Kite. He/she was sitting on a small perch (about 3 feet in height) for a long time and didn’t seem too bothered about my presense.

These two Kingfishers were separated by a Bee-eater.

But, not for too long. This flapping of the wing when they are next two each other is their courting behavior. Sangeetha Kadur explained this to us over the weekend.

“Bro, you said something?”
“No, did you?”

Same perch, but a single Rose-ringed Parakeet. So no awkward conversations.

One day, the juvenile Brahminy will turn out to look like this.

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  • Vanaja Kumar says:

    Awesome as usual Nanu! Your blog description adds such a flavor to the already smart presentation!!!

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