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After some heavy showers the previous day, the morning light was good today to explore some of our usual suspects. I wasn’t disappointed.

This Rose-ringed Parakeet decided to start the day with Bhujangasana.

Not too far behind was our friend, White-cheeked Barbet with floatasana.

At 1/4000 of a second, you get to capture some of these moments.

Do you know what is better than an Indian Gray Hornbill?

Ha! Ajay Devgn knew the answer for this one – two Indian Gray Horbills.

Due to Covid, Red Avadavats have decided not to travel. They are still here.

“Fear not, little birdies. I am here to rescue all of the wing-kind” #BlackKitesMatter

“Are you with me ‘Little’ Egrets on my left?”

“And you, ‘Lesser’ whistling ducks on my right?”

“Bro, why is he sounding like a babbler?”
“I am not your bro, look at my scales, you idiot!”

“Yo Munias – Silverbill, Scaly-breasted, and the likes!
We may be Babblers, a cute yellow-eyed one at that, but we don’t talk s*** okay!”

Look who’s back from their travel. After a mandatory quarantine period, the Baya Weavers will be looking at building their nests.

The juvenile Brahminy Kites are learning how to fly/ hunt.

Last but not the least, Rowdy Ranganna a.k.a Jungle Myna looks like is planning his next attack on his unsuspecting victims.


  • Pallavi V Chethan says:

    Amusing to go through the pictures and brilliant pictures! Thanks for sharing

  • Vanaja Kumar says:

    Fantastic Nanu! Day by day the birds are growing more comfortable with you and your camera!!! The rains played a vital role making them look fresh and clean.
    The kite stretching wings on top of MOTTA PANAMARAM seems to have the happiest moment. Red Avadavats not want wanting to travel is brcause they have fallen in love with your camera. May be they sensed that you have created a fan club specially for them.
    We are gifted to witness these wonderful moments. Thanks to lockdown. The time well spent.

  • Sandhya Srinivasan says:

    I like Rowdy Ranganna! Will look forward to hearing more about his exploits. Keep blogging, Nanu. Good to have you as our eyes and the birds’ voice, Nanu.

  • Chitra N says:

    Once again, it must be your sixth sense, ability to read their thoughts & spell it out through your caption quotes 😀.
    The reel brings out the real!! What a delight, your blogs are. Thanks, Sandeep!!

  • Roopa Basrur says:

    It’s hard to tell which you enjoy more – clicking the pics or captioning them! The combo make my day for sure! Thanks Nanu

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