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I use a 100-400mm lens which heavy but it’s far better than some of the 500 or 600mm primes. I shoot almost all of my pictures handheld, due to which I hardly ever carry a tripod/ monopod. I tried to shoot a few video clips in the last few weeks and while got some nice shots, handheld made it super shaky. Stitched together a few of the clips shot in the last few weeks. For the first and the last clip (since it was in my balcony), I used the tripod. You can clearly see the difference in quality because of that.

From Purple-rumped Sunbirds taking a dip to Tickell’s Blue flycatchers singing while feeding their young to a Flameback Woodpecker hard at work, this is my first video of sorts. If I do end up filming, I want to look back at this video and see what a terrible start it was.

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