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This morning, the balcony was chaotic. But, I did get a new visitor to the birdbath.

About a dozen Bulbuls started the mayhem.

Followed by the White-eyes.

And, a couple of Magpie Robins.

Then came our new entrant, Mr. Drongo unchained. Here’s a sequence of this one’s approach to chill on a hot day.

Step 1. Scan and carefully approach the water source.

Step 2. The immediate realisation of water being better on the other side.

Step 3. Land on the other side.

Step 4. Note to self – “Long tail is a deterrent sometimes”

Step 5. A different angle is all it takes.

Step 6. “I look like a crow but, waaaaaattttaaaaar ever!”

Hopefully, I could have another new visitor soon – the rowdy rangannas who is also eyeing this cool spot.

In case you missed my previous visitors, click here.

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