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About a month ago, I decided to try an experiment in my balcony since the temperature levels were going up like crazy. The tray used at the bottom of the flowerpots was used as makeshift birdbaths. Kept one at a spot where I could watch it from my office room window. The first few days were unsuccessful but I kept adding fresh water to it every day.

A few days in, started getting Purple-rumped Sunbirds. While it’s not a great spot for photography, it’s a delight to watch these guys drink and take a quick dip.

Quick tip on birdbaths in case you are planning on keeping one.

Keep it shallow. Don’t keep anything that’s deep, they don’t like to dip deep. If you do have something that’s deep, fill it with some visible stones that can also provide good footing for the birds.

Keep it clean. Make sure you add fresh water every day if possible. At least once in two days is good too.

Make it visible. Birds landing on trees/ walls should be able to spot it easily. It shouldn’t be covered under say the roof of your balcony/sit-out.

Privacy. Do not keep them where there are regular human/ pet movements. Birds will only start using them if they see no visible threats.

Shade will help. If there’s a cover in the form of some leaves/ branches of a tree and not directly under sunlight, it will help a great deal in summer. Directly under the sun will also heat up the bath based on what material is used.

Perch. A perch nest to the bath is always recommended for them to hop on and hop off.

A month into this project, here are the visitors so far.

At times, I get to see about 5 Sunbirds fighting for their turn.

I’ve seen 11 Red-whiskered Bulbuls at the same time waiting for their turn.

Common Tailorbirds do come once in a while but get chased away by Bulbuls.

Indian White-eyes are shy and don’t hang around for long.

Oriental Magpie Robins look funniest while taking a dip and also make a mess of it once done.

Since the Yellow-billed babblers are always in a pack, needless to say, they create a racket when they are here.

Was delighted to see a Tickell’s Blue flycatcher as well since I’ve been on a spree clicking these guys in the recent past.

Red-vented Bulbuls are the latest entrants.

White-browed Bulbuls aren’t far behind either. This is on 25th May.

Cinereous Tits have entered the ring as well. This is on 2nd July 2021.

On the same day, got to capture three of them at the same time.


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