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The grill in the balcony is such an eye-sore for the birdbaths. I don’t want to move it in case the birds feel something is off and end up not using it. Instead, I tried some foreground blur with a plant and tried shooting the dozen-odd red-whiskered (and one vented) bulbuls this morning.

“Yo Ramesh! Raamessssssh. This is so much fun. Wanna see who can do it faster?”

“Sure, Suresh. When that drop hits the water, we start! What say?”

“aaaa! bulbulbulbulbulbulbulbul bulbulbulbulbul”

“Ha! That’s what they call us also!”

“So much fun da dei. Let’s do it again…”


“Oh drying ah?”

“Coming. Wait!”

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