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It’s a year. It’s been a year. It’s the big year.

Right. The year that was filled with uncertainty and confusion, turned out to be my first Big Year with birding. Have multiple posts around different species to places I’ve been to and some of the interesting stories in this blog. Hence, won’t get into any of those details in this post. I’ve had to cancel a few trips (specifically for birding including one to Sikkim) because of the darn spikes in covid cases. I got stuck at 178 species. Had a target of 200, but what the heck. This is a milestone to remember.

Made a list of all the 178 of them in this video (8 minutes). Also, made a personal map of spots where I’ve taken these shots. You can zoom in and click on each icon for a short description as well.

Thank you to all the folks who’ve been part of this colorful journey. You know who you are.

Here’s to more milestones and colors this year. Cheers!

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