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Another day, another story to tell. Let’s start with the honeybees collecting nectar from these bright yellow flowers adjoining the wall of Resonance. Hundreds of these were found busy this morning.

Remember the Hornbill/ Parakeet hole mystery? Well, there are more residents in that dead tree.

Resident number 1. (First floor) – White-cheeked Barbet. Looks like two adults are feeding a young one inside. I see them go in with food and come out with poop. It has to be the little one’s poop, they cant process their own that quick, no?

Waited around for one bonus shot when it’s taking off without any poop!

Resident no. 2 and 3 (Second and third floor) – Rose-ringed Parakeets. I can’t figure out these guys, there are a few who hang around these two holes. So, not entirely sure about what the deal is. No wonder the Hornbills are also curious about these guys.

Resident no. 3 (Penthouse) – The Indian Rollers. This is the first time I’ve noticed these guys in a nest.

Also, got to see two little Brahminy Kites sitting right outside its nest. Have seen the Kites build this nest and a little head emerge from the nest a few days ago.

The Goobe couple as usual is staring at me when I click the rest.

This brings me to today’s prize catch. I’ve always been very fascinated by the White-throated Kingfisher. I have spotted these guys almost every day since I first spotted them. Today, was different. Saw this guy perched at eye-level near a fence. The light was perfect, the camera was ready, all I needed was some action.

I waited for about 20 minutes because one thing I’ve always missed is this fella with his hunt. And boy, did I get a good one today.

Did I tell you I got a Walrus as well today?

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