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Take a look at this. It’s the same hole, shot about 40 minutes apart. I have no idea what this is about, it seemed like the Hornbill wanted to feed its young, but a Parakeet was inside minutes later. I looked at the date and said, “Good one, fellas!” and moved on.

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Whatever that was, it was good to get a close-up shot of the Indian grey Hornbill, though. It will be interesting to see if these guys will be nesting around this tree.

Not too far from that tree, there was an Indian Roller on a lamp post. Possibly to tell its young, that during his time, times were tough and he had to study under a street light.

A few yards down, found not just three Black-rumped Flamebacks, but a Jungle Myna incoming to spoil their in-line dance.

Then I found a few mud collectors. The Red-rumped Swallows were busy collecting moist mud from the ground. Folks living at the far end of Mosaic, it wasn’t a dead guy lying down in the middle of the path this morning. Just saying.

A few Indian Silverbills came in to quench their thirst and generally reflecting in life.

I did spend a lot of time with the Swallows until I heard a loud call from the distance. “Ey, Goobe, don’t forget my profile shot!”. Had to oblige, these guys have given me some decent content in the past.

“kekekekekekeke”. I was like “Oh, Shah Rukh?”. It wasn’t. It was a White-naped Woodpecker with a similar hairstyle.

Until she was disturbed by a Black Kite.

Who went on to meet his bae immediately after.

On the way back, on the same tree where I shot the Hornbill and the Parakeet, found another hole with a White-cheeked Barbet in it.
He was like, “You wanna see what I got inside?”. I am like, “Yo! not getting fooled twice today! Bye.”.

Back at Footprints, found species no. 110 (Malhar) at the H cluster lawn – Jerdon’s Leafbird.

She was poking around in a dried-up ant nest looking for food.

That’s all, folks. Long morning, gotta do some stretches and back to work. Cheers!


  • Shenaz says:

    Awesome pics! Some of the birds are beautifully colored. Never seen before. They look kinda cute peeping out if the holes/nests they makes in the tree trunk! Wonderful!

  • Sandhya Srinivasan says:

    Amazing pictures and really good narration to go with them. Looking forward to more such write ups. I am sure you will mark specimen number 200 soon, at this rate.

  • Pallavi Chethan says:

    Really enjoy seeing these birds that too with comments and stories woven around it!! Thankyou

  • AshaPoorna Katikaneni says:

    Delighted to see,really all the pictures are stunning with good captions.

  • Natasha says:

    All in a morning?! Which is quite amazing. Love your perspective and the pictures are outstanding. Keep them coming!

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