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It’s exactly a year ago that our country experienced a trailer of a lockdown in the form of Janta curfew day. We had no idea what was in store for us for the rest of the year.

Once the lockdown was imposed, we all had two choices – feel depressed and blame everything/ everyone for our misery or figure out a way to keep ourselves engaged despite the limitations by learning/ doing something new.

As most of you are aware (well of course you are, this website won’t exist otherwise), I chose the latter and picked up this absolutely fun and engaging hobby. About 9 months into it, in January this year, I got an opportunity to speak about it within our community as part of a wildlife-themed month that lasted for 5 weeks.

You may not learn anything new about birds or bird photography in this, as this is mostly about my journey of the first 9 months. It’s just 25 minutes, the rest were part of a Q and A. Add a comment if you found anything interesting. Thank you.


  • Mary says:

    Nice one Sandeep , so well put across like a story & informative too .. have been checking all the pics you post .. but this presentation deserves a thumbs as it summarises all the effort gone in and knowledge acquired

  • Reshmi says:

    Loved the talk Nanu ! So well narrated and informative. Inspiring example of picking up a new hobby and persevering deep into it. Great going 🙂

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