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We have been meaning to explore some of the spots around Savandurga and Manchinabele for a few months now. Finally, four of us (Jeeth, Chayant, Naresh and I) took off on Feb 3rd. Here are some of the species we spotted. The Egyptian Vultures were a treat to watch.

Slender Loris is very difficult to spot (Unless you have Chayant with you). And, I am terrible at clicking anything at night. So, between figuring out what shutter speed to click and at which specific ISO, this is the best I could get. Did see a better version of him though.

Chayant (yet again) spotted this Chameleon sleeping on a branch. Funnily, it was changing colors even when it was asleep when we pointed the light at him.

This little frog puffed up when we went closer as a defense mechanism without moving.

We managed to see a couple of adult Egyptian Vultures feeding on what was someone’s dinner last night on a rock, fighting away some large-billed crows who came to share.

This Juvenile Egyptian Vulture felt like he was practicing his gliding skills right above our heads.

Rough morning.

There were a whole bunch of bee hives under this rock.

And they don’t care if you are a vulture. They. Will. Attack!

As if two vultures in one frame wasn’t enough, the juvenile came in for us to get all the three together. What a sight this was.

While these aren’t the best shots, I also had three new lifers – The Peregrine Falcon.

The Blue Rock-Thrush

And one of the rare bulbuls – Yellow-throated.

Naresh capturing the vultures. See if you can spot them.

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