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By now, most of you are familiar with the fact that Red Avadavats is one of my favorite species. I’ve spent hours watching them across months and also managed to see the transformation of colors, especially how the male goes from dull to bright red to dull again. Here’s a timeline of what I managed across the months.

This one was in July 2020. My first ever sighting of a male. This was also my only sighting that month.

In August, we started seeing flocks together and the males had started turning red.

By September, these guys started pairing up and build their nests. I managed to spot at least 5 nesting areas during this period. To ensure that I don’t disturb them, didn’t get close enough to see how these nests actually looked like.

October is probably when they laid eggs and were on a feeding frenzy (for themselves).

Did not see a lot after that and by November, I could probably spot a pair or two around. And, interestingly one of them was working on a nest.

And, that was it. Did not find these guys after that at all. All through December and Jan 2021. End of Jan (30th to be precise), I spotted a pair and managed to click only the female. The male, still had a decent shade of red.

By Feb, forget the males losing their colors, started spotting juveniles. What a treat to have followed this cycle of life.

Update: We are in March now, and looks like the males have completely lost their color. It’s now almost impossible to tell them apart from females.

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