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Two years ago, I had done an intense post about a Tickell’s Blue Flycatcher family. One thing I was most certain about this species back then is how secretive they are about their nesting. Cut to now, another family right outside my balcony decides to nest in the most open spot one can imagine. In our neighbor’s wind chime which is about 3 feet away from their main door.

Unlike the previous post, not doing extensive documentation. Here are some shots of the parents who are now taking turns feeding the young. Hopefully, I get to see the juveniles once they are out at some point.

Date: 30th June. 
Noticed two young ones through my binoculars and ended up getting some shots today.

If you wait long enough, you can capture parents feeding these.

If you wait even longer, you can capture cleaning up. This is fascinating. One of the juveniles turns around, puts its bum up, and poops straight for the parent to pick it up directly so that the nest remains clean. How do they even know this routine?

Date: 1st July.
As predicted both the juveniles are out. Parents are communicating constantly to keep them away from any potential threat.

One feeding shot!

Date: 2nd July.
Decided to post as long as I can see these around. Both of them seem to be taking short flights and confined to the cluster for now.

Date: 3rd July.
One of them decided to chill in a chair outside my door for a long time before the parents insisted on moving to a branch.

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