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A weekend trip to Vellore to capture some raptors got canned. An impromptu Masinagudi trip was made, along with a pit stop at Mysore. Like I needed more pictures of the Red Avadavats, we (Deb and Rajesh being the other two) went to this spot where one gentleman has made a lucrative business plan to show folks where one can find Red Avadavats in the layout he lives in. It’s not a hide (thank heavens for that). We need to carry our own little chairs/ tripods. While the gentleman pockets a decent sum for the images we are allowed to take…in a public place…not his own land…no other…ok forget it.

Since I have clicked this species a lot near home, I tried to focus on some action shots during this session.

The female was elusive as is the case during nest building and I managed to go get just this one shot of her.

A few Indian Silverbills came along as a bonus just when we were packing up to leave. Looked like they were gathering nesting material too.

We drove to Masinagudi post that session. Going here after years. Have some amazing memories from the multiple trips we made to this place when it was filled with resorts at one point. While driving around, in a way it was sad to see some abandoned spots that were once active holiday spots.

The evening session included getting some good shots of the Brown-Fish Owl, Vernal hanging Parrot, Indian Nuthatch, Yellow-throated sparrow, Streak-throated Woodpecker, Eurasian collared dove among others.

The next day morning, even though it was raining, we did manage to go out and spot some of these beauties.

Starting with this stunning Changeable hawk-eagle, which we almost missed while driving past.

Long-tailed Shrikes are everywhere.

So are the Brahminy Starlings.

A Crested Serpent Eagle looked like it was wearing a cape.

White-browed Fantail was a lifer.

Lifer number two was the Yellow-footed green pigeon.

Another raptor. Another lifer. A Steppe Eagle.

Can never get tired of these cute Spotted Owlets.

Close-up of Gray Francolins are good to have considering how shy they are.

A Peafowl was about to leap. Didn’t frame it right in the moving vehcle.

Langurs were seen monkeying around as well.

I usually don’t bother clicking Spotted deers. But, when an opportunity comes along with a perfect frame, why not!

As we were winding up, got to see close to 15 White-rumped Vultures flying high. And, that’s a wrap!


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