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I read somewhere that the┬áBlack kites breed in the winter around January and February, in India, and the young chicks fledge before the monsoon season. This morning’s activity tells me that winter is already here.

After a really long time, the morning light was near perfect for birding. So, I set out to see what’s going on.

The Indian Rollers are back. Saw one of them chilling with some Mynas.

Rose-ringed Parakeets doing their usual cacophony around their nests.

While the rufous treepie isn’t a lifer for me, this is the first time I managed to get a clear view of these guys here at Malhar. Spotted about three of them today.

A brahminy kite couple was busy building their nest.

Finally, we shift our focus to two Black kites. What seemed like a normal morning with them chilling on the coconut trees, suddenly turned into PG-13.

My 11 frames per second on the 90D did not disappoint with this series of shots. I have so many comments to each of these shots (like I normally do) but shall reserve them for now.

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