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Date: 20th June 2021.
Birding time: 4:30 PM to 6:00 PM.
Result: A Munia fest and other interesting encounters.

After capturing a really sweet moment of an Indian Silverbill couple this morning (will get to this in the end), I set out in the evening with a slightly impossible target. Can I get all the five Munias (that we get here) in pairs in just one outing?

Simple answer: Hell yeah!

There is no complicated answer.

Take a look at these pairs of White-rumped Munia, Scaly-breasted Munia, Indian Silverbill, Tri-colored Munia, and the Red Avadavat.

Is this a party or what?

Avadavats in flight? Too easy!

Three different Munias in one frame? Easy-peasy.

Since I am biased, I spent most of my time with these guys.

Duuude, so many Reds’ pics, go jump off a cliff!

As if these weren’t enough, four Red-rumped Swallows decided to gate-crash the party.

On the way back, some juvenile fun. Getting a shot of the White-breasted Waterhen is hard enough, but to get two of its little ones who are just pitch black is even tougher.

Of course, our Red Wattled Lapwing’s young was around too. He’s gonna grow up to make so much noise.

As I was clicking the Waterhens without moving a muscle (getting bitten by mosquitoes), a really cute young Cincerous Tit came and sat right next to me. The cutest I’ve seen so far.

What a great 90 minutes of birding. One of the best in recent times for me. Hope you enjoyed the collection. Do leave your comments.
And, before I wrap this up, here’s what I captured this morning.

Make love. (Not war)



Get caught.


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