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Early morning drives seem like a luxury considering we have been in lockdowns forever now. Thanks to Ravindra, found a spot near┬áManchanabele with some gorgeous views. Here are some of today’s fun catch.

As we were climbing up to this spot, came across a couple of juvenile Red-wattled Lapwings. For the first time, the parents didn’t yell. The young ones didn’t seem to be too bothered either.

As soon as we were on top, I noticed a White-eyed Buzzard. Spotting one of these after a very long time. Couldn’t get a better shot as this one kept moving as I got closer.

The view from here can only be experienced and cannot be just captured through the lens. Although, I captured a few.

Noticed a bunch of what looked like regular babblers until I started clicking them. These turned out to be a lifer – Large Gray Babbler.

At a distance, there were these three Great Cormorants flying past. And no, these aren’t the three idiots mentioned in the title.

Ok, now this takes the cake. I saw this Raptor, again some distance away with what seemed like carrying some nesting material. Only after downloading the image, I freaked out looking at another lifer – A Crested Serpent Eagle. And, as the name suggests, it was carrying a serpent, a vine snake. Craaaaaaaaaaaay!

While all of this was going, we did notice three guys sort of stuck in their 4X4 Thar. On the way back, we decided to go and help. The car was stuck and sort of hanging on a mound. Reminded me of my Honda City days. These guys are students from the medical college right next to where we live with zero mechanical brains. While Ravindra tried explaining what could be the best option to get out, they didn’t seem convinced. We tried helping with tools, some of our muscles, and a little brainpower in vain. Left after suggesting them to get a JCB instead.

So yeah, a very interesting morning drive with two lifers and three idiots.

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