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May is here and that brings a flurry of activities among the furry/ feathery friends. This morning’s walk had a lot of action. We start with a Black Kite with nesting material. A couple of days ago, one of these guys didn’t look too pleased that I was around their territory. As a fellow birder suggested (and actually used it once), entering this zone without a helmet could be injurious to one’s head.

Sharing is caring. Food being passed on from one to another.

Okay, since I speak ‘bird’, I think is what happened here.

“Bro, our species look all the same, how can we be sure who our parents are? Since they go to all sorts of…”

“What kind of upbringing is this? Did you hear what the kids said?”

“Your kids ah?”

“I will kick the kung-fu out of you!”

When there is in-fighting between these Rangannas, guess who benefits in the bargain while looking for breakfast?

“You! with the bazooka. Oh! old model lens, when you upgrading? That aside, do you know why I’m called Red-vented?”

“Pervert, eyes up here!”

With so much entertainment around, the killer Brown Shrike hasn’t left the building.

The Juvenile Branhminy Kites are finally non-vegetarians.

“Uff, unlike the Mynas, I’ve done a good job of their upbringing.”

Finally, here’s the workhorse Black-rumped Flameback. Creating holes that benefit so many other species too, most of which is eventually taken over by the Rowdy Rangannas.

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