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A certain someone in our community is responsible for this blog’s title since this is about Tickell’s Blue Flycatcher. Yeah. Well!

I’ve been keenly observing a couple in our friend’s backyard for the last few days. These two seem to spend a lot of time there. I haven’t seen them catch flies or build (carry material at least) a nest. Very curious as to why they are hanging out in this spot almost all day. In the last two days, these are the different shots I captured. I intend to click more in the next few days too as I haven’t yet got that perfect lighting or even some action from these two.

Update: 30/04

After spending a morning session, found the nest and some good shots too. Will be taking it easy so that I don’t disturb them while nesting.

This is the same female (assuming) shot within a 14 hours time gap. And, immediately after this, saw her going to the nest and roosting. Mostly likely that she was laying eggs.

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