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My journey into bird photography began with three spotted owlets. In the last couple of months, I found a new pair. Their expressions are the best. So, I just had to do a story behind it.

“Haaaaaaw. What a lovely morning!”

“Daaaarn! A hooooman!”

“Woah woah woah! Why you moving to the left yo? Face me owl to man!”

“That’s more like it! What do you want?”

“What? A blog on me? Get lost!”

“Yo, Cuz…Why are you peeping out? You need to hide. Let’s try that again!”

“Gosh! Hide fully man! The hooman can still see you”

“Can we try this one last time?”

“That’s it! Good one yo! I will chill in a tree somewhere for now”

“Time to get a quick shut eye!”

“Deiiii! Here also ah? I am not giving you any content, go and talk to my cuz!”

“Hi, bruh! Listen, you go now and come back tomorrow! We may be able to talk to you together!”

“He’s back! We might as well give him what he wants”

“Can I talk first?”

“You shut up! Let’s ask him what’s in it for us?”

“Just credits? YOU HIDE. I AM OUTTA HERE!”

“That’s just great! What do I do with this not-so-content guy?”


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