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The complexity involved in Bird photography is what got me excited to this last year. It’s extremely challenging since everything is a variable – light, bird behavior, clutter around it, where it’s perched, and so on. For those, who are reluctant to put in this groundwork (and time), hides are a great opportunity for some close-up shots. The downside to this (if the hide is famous and frequented by enthusiasts), there will be a few 100 people with possibly the exact same shot. Apart from the fact that you are sort of meddling with the birds and their natural way of finding food/ water.

Personally, I am not a fan of hides. I had only heard of them, never used one. Until now.

Deb and I went to Satisha Sarakki‘s hide near Aagara lake on 22nd Feb 2021. And here are some of the close-ups I ended up getting.

Purple-rumped and Loten’s Sunbird
Indian White-eye
Jerdon’s leafbird
Jungle Bushquail
Bulbuls – Red-whiskered, White-browed and Red-vented
Black-rumped Flameback
Indian Golden Oriole
Spotted and Laughing Dove
Asian Koel, Oriental Magpie Robin and Spot-breasted Fantail
Coppersmith Barbet, Cinereous Tit and Yellow-billed Babbler
And, a couple of unwanted visitors – Indian palm squirrel and Indian grey mongoose.
Bonus: Took a couple of videos of the Coppersmith and Flameback juvenile.


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