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Day: 18th June 2020.

Like any other day, I stepped out to see what’s around. Near the community veg garden, I’ve spotted White-throated Kingfishers┬áin the past. Today, was different. What seemed like two of them looking for an early morning snack, turned into a visual spectacle.

“Listen love, have you tried the latest┬áParmesan Risotto with Roasted Lizard?”


“Oops! Personal space, child!”


“Now, we have to find more food”


“Get your own darn insect, girl!”


“I’ve gotta distract the wretched Mynas, always gate-crashing parties”
“You don’t need a silver fork or a stupid long red beak to eat good food.”


“What the hell did he just say? #BlackBirdsDontMatter”


“Hi mama. Hi dada. Sssup sis?”


“We shouldn’t have made more than one kid”


“Why can’t you hang out with your friends, bruh?”


“I so prefer my bachelor days. Sigh!”


“Give me, give me, giiiiiive meeee!”


“Gosh! I might have to rescue him from the kids”




“Hahaha! They used to be King of good times, once upon a time. Them and their stupid heirline!”

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