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June has been a month of building new nests, breeding, and feeding the young. I have spotted around 15 nests in and around in the last one week.

From a Barbet finding a well-placed hole in a tree right in front of my place to the Prinias with their careful stitching to the Baya weavers with their uncanny craft, we are blessed to be living in a community such as this.

Spot-billed Babbler with construction material.


Baya-weavers building their nest. The males usually build the nest and invites the female for approval. The competition is very high.


White-throated Kingfisher feeding her young ones.


Scaly-breasted Munia inside its nest.


Purple-rumpled sunbird working on her nest. In this case, the female builds it and the male comes and checks on it once in a while.


White-cheeked Barbet and her little one.


Ashy Prinia – a nest with three eggs.


Ashy Prinia – with four eggs about to hatch.


White-browed bulbul waiting for her two eggs to hatch.


Magpie robin, finding food and feeding her two young ones.

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