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Almost three months into birding, I can positively (ooops, poor choice of word at this time) confirm that I can speak…bird. Overheard a bunch of Baya weavers while building their nest at the Amphitheatre.

“How’s it going, bruh?”


“Feeling dizzy dude!”


“Keep it at boys, we gotta impress the ladies”


Two days later.

“How are you guys doing it so fast?”


“If only you wake up early and start work before the hoomans come with their bazookas!”


“Can you keep it down, please? Trying to create a masterpiece here. Thanks!”


“There she is. Hope she visits mi casa!”


“Ha! Loosers! She’s checking out my work!”


“Do you like it? Do you like it? What else do you need me to do?”


“I do like the view from here. But, can you give me some space?”


“Okay okay. Got it!”


“Hey, I’ve got more room, girl!”


“Its not the size, bruh! Its what’s inside that matters!”


“No hard feelings though! Let’s hang sometime?


“No, thanks! See you later, crocodile!”

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