Snake rescues 2024.

(Solo and assists.)

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While I have been a part of multiple rescues, these are only the ones I have either managed on my own or been an active assist.









164. Spectacled Cobra

Kickstarting this year with a Cobra. This sub adult was inside the worker’s room at a construction site. Most peaceful rescue as it went inside the bag without any effort.

11 Jan 24
Construction site, Octave

165. Buff-striped Keelback

A tiny Keelback was found at a construction site by the workers. The yellow just below the head is stunning in day light. Moved it away from the construction site.

13 Jan 24
Construction site, Motif

166. Buff-striped Keelback

A day later, yet another Keelback. Very similar in size, could be part of the same litter. Moved it from near a security gate.

14 Jan 24
Gate 3, FP

167. Rat snake

Have never seen this yellow before. This one was shining like it came out of an ad shoot. We usually don’t move rat snakes unless people around are uncomfortable. This one had to be moved as the gardeners requested.

17 Jan 24
Behind H5, FP

168. Spectacled Cobra

This has to be the toughest rescue I have ever done till date. While it looked like an easy rescue, turned out to be an hour long ordeal. The video has most of the details.

17 Jan 24
Kewal Engg., Kumbalgodu

169. Anamalai Wolf snake

This wolf snake was hiding inside a pot at a resident’s garden. Moved it without disturbing to nearby stone-walls.

18 Jan 24
R45, Resonance

170. Rat snake

A sub-adult rat snake was injured by some cats at the same factory from where I had that crazy Cobra rescue. The injuries didn’t look bad enough to take it to PFA. Released after sometime.

1 Feb 24
Kewal Engg., Kumbalgodu

171. Trinket

A large Trinket was found in between the walls of a construction site. Which made access slightly difficult. Managed to pull it out after a short chase by Chayant and me.

11 Feb 24

172. Spectacled Cobra

I was away at a wedding in Yelahanka when I received a call about this Cobra the previous day. While they managed to chase it away, this little one came back the next day. After I got back, with some help, managed to get it above the panel from its original hiding space. As I was rescuing this, I got a call for another one. Little did I know I’d be rescuing 3 in an hour.

15 Feb 24

173. Rat snake

A fairly calm rat snake was found in a construction site. Managed to move it to safety without any incident. My costume is from that wedding I was in. Immediately after releasing these two snakes, got another call from Orchard.

15 Feb 24

174. Spectacled Cobra

This one was tricky. One, it was hiding in a pipe connected on two sides of a wall. Two, it was huge. Close to 6 ft. At one point I was convinced that my biggest bag used was not enough. Managed to bag and release without too much stress to the snake.

15 Feb 24
Glade, Orchard

175. Spectacled Cobra

Today has been relentless. This is the 4th rescue. Small cobra in a nearby community. Rescued without any incidents.

15 Feb 24

176. Spectacled Cobra

A decent size Cobra was frantically crossing multiple backyards until faced by a cat. By the time I got there, it had resigned itself into a metal pipe. After making sure all the other sides are secure, I just covered the opening and carried the pipe. First Cobra that displayed a self rescue. We had to ‘poke’ it out.

20 Feb 24
R41, Resonance

177. Trinket

A large trinket was on the tracks at ABSF. Olympics is in July, must’ve be practising. I am a little off about non-venomous bites, so sometimes, I use a bag as a makeshift glove to avoid getting bitten.

21 Feb 24

178. Rat snake

A feisty rat snake got into a house. Was a task to grab it as it was ready to leap and bite. Turned out to be simple in the end.

22 Feb 24
F4, Mosaic

179. Spectacled Cobra

The Cobra that did a self-rescue two days ago came back. This time, it decided to be rescued like other snakes. During the release, we filmed it from an angle that looked rather interesting.

22 Feb 24

180. Vine snake

Very hard to miss when it’s in your garden. This one was in my neighbour’s frontyard and gave a bit of chase to grab. Moved it only to ensure cats don’t get to it.

23 Feb 24
H7, FP

181. Spectacled Cobra

A small cobra was hiding in someone’s backyard. A little bit of an effort to make it get into the bag as the bottle didn’t work.

24 Feb 24
G3, FP

182. Banded Kukri

This tiny one was inside someone’s home. Moved it without any incident.

24 Feb 24
G1, FP