Snake rescues 2024.

(Solo and assists.)

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While I have been a part of multiple rescues, these are only the ones I have either managed on my own or been an active assist.









201. Common Krait

A sub-adult Krait was spotted as it seemed to have been hassled by a cat. Thankfully no injuries to either. Easy and clean rescue of this silent killer.

22 Jun 24
B5, Resonance

202. Spectacled Cobra

This was a bit tricky as it had gone into the drain which was not accessible. It was also about 60 meters long. Removing those covers was a challenge as they had rusted and were stuck. Once we managed to spot it, carefully moved it to one end slit by slit and then pulled it out.

25 Jun 24
Basement, Terraces

203. Spectacled Cobra

This was a circus. I will let the video speak for itself.

02 Jul 24
Villa 18, Palm Grove

204. Spectacled Cobra

This frisky one was inside someone’s house. Managed to bottle it after some ice hockey moves.

03 Jul 24
c7, Mosaic

205. Banded Kukri

Some panic around this one, as folks who spotted it thought it was a Krait. Moved it away from near the gate.

03 Jul 24
Gate 1, FP

206. Anamalai Wolf Snake

Yet another extremely tiny one was rescued from inside a home. The frisky thing was hard to pick from the floor tiles.

05 Jul 24
R24, Resonance