Snake rescues 2023. Part 3.

(Solo and assists.)

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While I have been a part of multiple rescues, these are only the ones I have either managed on my own or been an active assist.

151. Green Vine snake

While I have seen this species multiple times, including photographing it up close in 2009 in Agumbe, this was my first rescue. Green vine snakes are diurnal, arboreal, and mildly venomous. They normally feed on frogs and lizards using their binocular vision to hunt. They are slow moving, relying on camouflaging themselves as vines in foliage. They expand their bodies when disturbed to show a black and white scale marking. Also, they may open their mouths in a threat display and point their heads in the direction of the perceived threat. They are the only species of snake with horizontal pupils, compared to the normal vertical slit pupils found in many species of viper.

Found on a tree top near the workers colony, I had to climb up a ladder and slowly move the branch towards me to grab this one. Not surprisingly, a sea of people wanted to take pictures.

29 Sept 23
Construction site, Motif

152. Striped Keelback

Yet another tiny one, probably the tiniest so far. Guessing this is a day or two old. For the first time, I had to wear my glasses to identify the snake as it was so small. Released it nearby. Most likely there will be a lot more of this species in the coming days.

6 Oct 23
Basement, Medley

153. Rat snake

After that ferocious rat snake from the school, I must admit, I am a little vary of slight large size rat snakes. This one was hiding in between construction debris spooking the workers. Rescued and released nearby.

8 Oct  23

154. Rat snake

Hiding in a crack between a door and a wall, was this little rat snake inside an office. Used a small stick to coax it out. Released it right outside the office.

19 Oct 23
Site office

155. Trinket

An adult Trinket was lurking around the construction site. Slightly different colour morph this one had. Moved it away from people.

6 Nov  23

156. Anamalai Wolf snake

This tiny little one was hiding in a garden only to be spooked by the residents while cleaning. Moved right outside the house without disturbing both the snake or the residents 🙂

13 Nov 23
A1, Resonance

157. Spectacled Cobra

Finally a Cobra after a while. This small one was in someone’s backyard only to be spotted by their pet dog. Once I got to their place, the snake had other plans. It quickly jumped off their wall and got on to the road. Managed to rescue it without too much of a hassle.

14 Nov  23
R10, Resonance

158. Rat Snake

A small rat snake was found in the backyard of a house. The house help was convinced it was nagarahaavu. Moved it to safety.

16 Nov 23
A11, Patterns

159. Spectacled Cobra

This is a long story. Will keep it short. This Cobra seemed injured and we wanted to make sure it needed medical attention. While doing so, one of the rescuers got nipped. Thankfully it was a dry bite and no venom was found. The rescuer was taken care of by Fortis and released 24 hours later. The snake was taken care of by PFA and released 3 days later.

21 Nov  23
Construction site, Octave

160. Russell’s Viper

On cue, on the day of a Malhar Laugh Club show, we found this one. In this swimming pool. Yeah, no idea how but apparently was interested in doing a fast lap. Not big, but seemed like well fed. Rescued and released nearby.

2 Dec 23
Confluence pool

161. Russell’s Viper

After a long time, got a slightly big Viper. This was in someone’s backyard and they kept watch until we got there. This 4.5 footer was heavy. Didn’t resist at all to get into the bag, so made the rescue fairly effortless.

5 Dec 23
A4, FP

162. Rat snake

A 5-footer rat snake was causing some distress among the construction staff one morning. When I went to check, it was hiding under a cement cover. Picked it up slowly, and moved it away from the humans.

7 Dec 23

163. Anamalai Wolf Snake

This one was hiding inside a pot at a resident’s garden. Was feisty and bit me a few times while rescuing. Released it outside the community on to a stone wall.

20 Dec 23
D4, FP

And, that’s a wrap for 2023. Total rescues this year – 110.

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