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Indian Grey Mongoose

The Indian grey mongoose is a mongoose species native to the Indian subcontinent and West Asia. 

The grey mongoose inhabits open forests, scrublands and cultivated fields, often close to human habitation. It lives in burrows, hedgerows and thickets, among groves of trees, and takes shelter under rocks or bushes and even in drains. It is bold and inquisitive but wary, seldom venturing far from cover. It is an excellent climber and usually lives singly or in pairs. Its prey includes rodents, snakes, birds’ eggs and hatchlings, lizards and a variety of invertebrates.

On a hot (really really hot) summer day, we managed to find a sub-adult Mongoose very close to a main road. While we were at a distance (behind our car), it took sometime for this one to take courage and go looking for food for the day. Here are some hide and seek moments with this acrobatic combat specialist.

After that close encounter, went to check out some kites. Kites and crows were seen fighting over a dead bandicoot. Not just that, as a bonus, found a rat snake also in the vicinity and the crows seemed very unhappy about its presence.

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