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Kommaghatta Lake

A 15 mins drive from home, this lake is home to a lot of migratory birds. I was visiting this spot after a while. From Northern Shovelers to Garganeys to Herons, this is a hotspot for every birder. While one may not get the right angles and close-ups, if you wait long enough, you can get some good action shots.

Lesser whistling ducks and their various stages of drowning.

If these lakes were not paved, these shots could’ve been taken at eye level.

Flying shots of large birds are easy but lacks good background.

Herons with some morning light. The first one is a Grey and a Purple together.

Birds on a perch, while still not eye level, you get some decent shots.

Birds in water, if lucky, can get some creative shots.

Bonus shot. One of my favs. – Common KF.

All images shot on Canon 90D with a 100-400 ii lens.

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