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On yet another trip to Tranquil Resorts, Wayanad, just after Bandipur saw a raptor gliding gracefully. I have this bad (or good) habit of packing all my gear nicely in the boot even when passing through a forest. Regretted it last time when we encountered a pack of Elephants in the same stretch.

Having missed taking some shots of Wild dogs at Bandipur (check the last image shot from phone), I decided to stop the car and pull my camera out.

What a good decision that turned out to be. Not only did I get my first lifer for this weekend, I saw not just one but four White-rumped Vultures. Managed to get three of them in one frame too.

Ever since Ajay mentioned about the Rufous-bellied Eagle nesting at their resort, I’ve had the urge to go there and check them out. To my luck, got a glimpse of this lone magnificent beauty on both days. Didn’t look like the nest was being used, but this one did sit not too far from it.

Lifer number 3 was the Greater flameback. An early morning shot, so not the best in terms of light.

This one is a mouthful, makes up for the small size with its name I guess. Bar-winged Flycatcher-shrike.

My 211th bird of all time is one that I wish had seen earlier – Blue-bearded Bee-eater. One can easily miss this one as it just blends into the background of leaves. Managed to capture a pair fending for themselves early morning.

Did click a few usual suspects, but I plan to have a separate post on all the birds clicked at Tranquil over the last few trips. So, will add them to that. Here’s a bonus one though. It was Jharna’s birthday yesterday and I wanted to capture a well-framed pic. My first shot of the day turned out to be that. Of this lovely-looking Malabar starling.

Here’s the bad resolution of wild dogs at Bandipur shot from phone. Totally missed having the DSLR ready for these guys.

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