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It’s been a while since Ritesh and I went birding. While I am happy that I found this hobby during the pandemic, on the flip side, its also been restrictive. After months of planning, we managed to get out to this serene place called Vanantara in Thiradi Village, just off Krishnagiri in Tamil Nadu.

Amazing how when a bunch of passionate people gets together, they can change a barren land to a thriving forest cover. I can’t wait to see how this place will look like in the next few years.

Accompanied by a couple of other friends, we were welcomed by one of my favorites – The Spotted Owlet.

Glad to have found a few Shikras and Oriental Honey-buzzards right through our 3-hour long walk.

Two pairs of Indian Rollers were seen picking fights with the Shikra and Large-billed Crows.

An unexpected encounter with an Indian grey Mangoose was fun.

Two easily missable characters, the Coppersmith Barbet and Jerdon’s Leafbird were around as well.

Was lucky to have found the Common Woodshrike while we were in the car.

Next to a small water body, found this Green Sandpiper.

A Bay-backed Shrike was looking for his prey to impale.

Just for the record, got these Ashy Woodswallows way up in the high-tension wires.

Finally, managed to get somewhat a decent shot of this beautiful Indian Paradise-flycatcher (male).

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