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The birdbaths in the balcony get users very regularly. I’ve also been noticing a certain timeframe when almost all of the regulars come together. The window is between 1 PM and 2:30 PM. Thankfully, that’s also sort of my lunch break time.

Today’s activity deserved this post, so here goes.

It’s either the purple-rumped Sunbirds or the Indian White-eyes that start this mayhem. Today, I counted about 5 male and 4 female Sunbirds taking turns.

Followed by a complete riot by 5 Indian White-eyes.

A pair of Cinereous Tits patiently waited for this chaos to end.

Not sure if this Pale-billed Flowerpecker wanted to join the fun. But, the Sunbirds chased it away.

A Tickell’s Blue Flycatcher also waited its turn and enjoyed a quick dip.

A Loten’s Sunbird didn’t want to be left behind either.

One might be bigger in size but without numbers, better to wait for everyone to finish. This Oriental Magpie Robin was the last one to enjoy some cool time.

And, just when I thought I was done for the afternoon, saw a pair of Small Minivets right above where all this was happening. Couldn’t get a shot of the female. They didn’t use the baths.

While a picture can speak a thousand words, a video can do a bit more I guess? Managed to take a couple of handheld videos too.

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