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The Indian grey mongoose (Urva edwardsii) is a mongoose species native to the Indian subcontinent and West Asia. The grey mongoose inhabits open forests, scrublands and cultivated fields, often close to human habitation. It lives in burrows, hedgerows and thickets, among groves of trees, and takes shelter under rocks or bushes and even in drains. It is very bold and inquisitive but wary, seldom venturing far from cover. It climbs very well. Usually found alone or in pairs. In my case this morning, I found three of them and we did a bit of hide and seek.

While birding, you do end up encountering other creatures and I have often ignored most of it. This morning was different. Not only did I get to play hide and seek with 3 Mongoose, but I also managed to capture a rare courting moment of a pair.

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