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Had a hectic morning driving to Anekal for birding with the Malhar twitchers. With about 5 lifers, I thought it was already a pretty satisfying Sunday. Until, I sat down in my balcony after lunch. What are the odds when someone mentions a particular bird (that I had never heard) of in the morning, and that guy comes to the balcony the same afternoon? Jeeth had mentioned about the Black-naped Monarch just as I was getting of the car after our morning birding.

This guy (the Monarch, not Jeeth) hung around in the balcony for about an hour or so. This is my 106th species at Malhar. This little beauty was searching for food right through and moved around a lot.

Well, that wasn’t all. Within an hour, I had all of these guys visit too. Insane to think I didn’t have to step out of my house for these crazy colours.

Purple-rumped Sunbird

Loten’s Sunbird

Common Tailor-bird

White-cheeked Barbet

Cinereous Tit

Black Drongo

Indian Paradise Flycatcher

Indian White-eye

Common Iora

Pale-billed Flowerpecker

Large-billed Crow


  • Bhanumathy says:

    Amazing collection ! Brilliant ! Thank you for sharing

  • AMIT RAY says:

    What a wonderful display…by them…and then by you !

  • Vanaja Kumar says:

    What a lovely array of exotic birds all parading in front of you, Nanu! Definitely they are being attracted by you. Your unconditional love keeps attracting these little colourful and sweet creatures. Keep it up!

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