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Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher

EOS 90D. 360mm. f/6.3. Tv 1/125. ISO 1600.


Blue-tailed Bee-eater

EOS 80D. 400mm. f/6.3. Tv 1/1600. ISO 800.


Common Kingfisher

EOS 80D. 400mm. f/6.3. Tv 1/800. ISO 800.


Malabar Grey Hornbill

EOS 90D. 400mm. f/5.6. Tv 1/4000. ISO 1000.


Yellow-wattled Lapwing

EOS 90D. 400mm. f/5.6. Tv 1/320. ISO 200.


Malabar Parakeet

EOS 90D. 400mm. f/5.6. Tv 1/3200. ISO 400.


Malabar Starling

EOS 90D. 400mm. f/5.6. Tv 1/250. ISO 1600.


Pied Bushchat

EOS 80D. 400mm. f/6.3. Tv 1/4000. ISO 1600.


Green Bee-eater

EOS 80D. 400mm. f/5.6. Tv 1/3200. ISO 1000.


White-throated Kingfisher

EOS 80D. 400mm. f/6.3. Tv 1/2000. ISO 2000.


Scaly-breasted Munia

EOS 80D. 400mm. f/5.6. Tv 1/1250. ISO 1000.


Red Avadavat

EOS 80D. 400mm. f/5.6. Tv 1/800. ISO 250.


Indian White-eye

EOS 80D. 400mm. f/5.6. Tv 1/500. ISO 4000.

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Electronics graduate by qualification, and communication professional by choice, I am a self-taught entrepreneur. I’ve set up and run four businesses since 2003, and currently run a brand and communications consulting firm, writeclick.

A firm believer of work-life balance, my typical day has as much play as work. The play isn’t always restricted to sports. I like trying my hand at new things – such as learning card tricks, rescuing snakes, sketching, playing the Cajon, or even exploring stand-up comedy.

Shifting Radius represents these different orbits I tend to circle in. Each hobby, each skill is but a different expression, a different radius, of the central theme – my love for learning. The logo represents this distinct aspect of my personality through the fingerprint, a symbol of each individual’s uniqueness. (By the way, I sketched it on the iPad, with my signature ‘S’ in the middle.)

Bird photography is my new-found passion. I have been a shutterbug, eager to see the world through the camera lens. But the focus was mostly on people and places. When the pandemic-led lockdown began, I had extra time on hand and decided to explore my surroundings. One morning, when walking in the community green spaces with my camera in hand, I spotted a Spotted Owlet (that’s not a typo) and clicked instinctively.

There has been no looking back since then. I’ve admired the beauty, behavior, sounds, and movements of these birds, and have tried to tell the stories of what I’ve discovered through these photographs.

Browse through. Hope you find the tales of these winged fellows as fascinating as I do.

Stand up Comedy

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I wish the world was twice as big – and half of it was still unexplored.

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