This is a plea for helping Rakshitha get back on her feet.

Some of you are aware but most of you reading this probably don’t know that I witnessed an accident on 18th February 2021. This happened on Uttarahalli Main road near Kengeri. A truck driving rashly ran over a 17 yr old and was trying to flee after the incident. I got involved in trying to stop the truck (he did stop, but ran away) and contacted the family to help Rakshitha whose world has turned upside down in a flash.

I’ve been in touch with her parents since this incident. While Rakshitha is fighting all the odds with multiple surgeries, they have put together a crowd-funding page to take care of the mounting hospital bills (Approximated to be around INR 40 Lakhs. Attached letter from BGS).

Follow this link to the crowd-sourcing platform.